Chas. Manson's New Book...

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Chas. Manson's New Book...

Post  News Hawk on Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:11 am

"9. In Manson's previous life, he was a square. Manson is associated strongly with '60s counterculture -- after all, he found his calling on Haight-Ashbury, painted himself as a guru to the young women he recruited, and kept them tripping on acid and sexually pliant (free love, don't you know?).

But as a young man in the '50s, Manson loved Frank Sinatra and, yes, Perry Como. He married a nice girl named Rosalie at 19 and had a baby soon thereafter. And he might have made it work, had Rosalie not left him during his time in prison in San Pedro. He got out in 1967 and, with nowhere to go and only a vague dream of being a pop star, convinced his parole officer he should move to San Francisco. That's where he realized the time's changing morals (and hordes of lost kids) could work for him, and the rest is history..."
Today, Manson has proclaimed that he is "Saving the Environment".
Quite by accident, I came across an Internet photo of the pregnant, bloodied, naked, and dead Sharon Tate.
I have zero sympathy for Manson—he should have been executed long ago.
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