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Post  News Hawk on Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:49 am


"It would have been too much to ask for Hollywood to give the Reagans their due in the forthcoming movie “The Butler.” You knew that going in. But either way, casting Jane Fonda in the role of Nancy Reagan was surely meant to push buttons, stir up controversy and generate interest in--and hence, profits for--the movie.

This being the reality, let me then push some other buttons.

The problem with casting Jane Fonda as former First Lady Nancy Reagan is not just that Fonda is nearly twenty years older right now than Mrs. Reagan was when she entered the White House in January of 1981, or that Fonda is at best a mediocre actress and that Nancy Davis was probably a better actress in her day.

Or that the best thing about Jane Fonda the actress is her last name...,"
In the movie "On Golden Pond" I saw only Jane Fonda—and not her assigned part.
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