Hawaii's PUNAHOE Private School...

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Hawaii's PUNAHOE Private School...

Post  News Hawk on Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:11 pm

"...Punahou doesn't have racial quotas in its admissions process, but it does have preferential policies. That might have changed recently, but the preferential policies are for admitting descendants of the original missionaries, family members of alumni, Hawaiians and the children of faculty and staff when choosing between equal candidates based on test scores.

These small preferential policies are all you need to keep out the unwanted. You don't need to discriminate based on race. Punahou's admissions process is also one of the most clouded and un-transparent of all the admissions process at private schools in Hawaii. The secretiveness is also a way to keep out the unwanted. Race is not so much a factor these days as class is..."

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