Hiring is Down...

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Hiring is Down...

Post  News Hawk on Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:23 pm

The ACA rollout immense screw up has overshadowed much more news that you really should think about. September’s employment stats have just been released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS reports that only 148k new jobs were added during September. That’s a reduction of about 25% from August. That’s bad, really bad. But it even gets worse. BLS also reported that a record 90.6 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.

Many of our female CT community view Obama and his policies in a very positive light. They shouldn’t. Women are bearing the biggest burden of suffering as a result of Prog policies.

154,000 fewer women held jobs in September than August. Our female members may be shocked to learn that female participation in the Labor Force now matches a 24-year low. Way to go O!

You can be certain that full time jobs will become even more scarce as of January when the full impact of the ACA will be launched. Employers of 50 or more full timers will be forced to cut hours so as to avoid the huge costs of the ACA. Prog policies are turning us into a nation of burger flippers.

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