Who is Justin Bieber?

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Who is Justin Bieber?

Post  News Hawk on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:54 am

...and how is it possible to mix alcohol and marijuana to get "zoned-out"?

He's the essence of a Chemistry genius. Who'd have thought to imbibe while "toking" marijuana?


It's a lot like the New Hampshire's "Trojan Horse Bill", nobody in New Hampshire really thought this through. Did I mention "naïve" New Hampshire Legislators when this appeared at FATP?

Yes, I did!

BTW: Bieber bonded out for about $2000, and left the Police Station in a caravan of black Cadillac Escalades. His lawyer, Roy Black knows me, as well as his assistant, Mark Seiden.

Mark and I used to go fishing, plus, race cars at the same tracks. (Mark prefers racing in the "Open Wheel" class).

I'd met Cheryl Seiden several times before she died enforcing the law as a police officer. (As Sergeant, on-duty, in a parking lot).

Roy Black, the grandson of SCOTUS Justice Black, is famous for getting crooks "off".  

(Not that it's difficult when you lie in the manner that lawyers are trained to do).


Bieber's seen all the jail time he'll get—already.

 Evil or Very Mad 

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