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More Gloom and Doom

Post  News Hawk on Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:28 am

I listened to this video while surfing the Web, but couldn't stop myself from repeatedly viewing the video.

"Lights-out": a catastrophic assault of the highest order in the U.S., thanks to North Korean and Iranian satellites.

This video was e-mailed to me by a former U.S. Navy electrical engineer, who had prepared U.S. drones in the Middle East. He was also employed as a "contractor", who set up the necessary infrastructure for civilian and military computers for the Iraqi government.

He is astounded that higher-ups such as the CIA's James Woolsey and Spencer Abraham, former Secretary of Energy would participate in this report. The FBI is investigating one "very savvy" attack that had already occurred.

A biography of James Woolsey, recently head of the CIA:

The basis of the TV series "Dark Angel".

(Maine is the most vulnerable state).

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