R&D of U. S. Pharmaceuticals End...

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R&D of U. S. Pharmaceuticals End...

Post  News Hawk on Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:23 pm

"Ninety five percent of the new drugs coming on the market are developed for sale in the United States. They are paid for by American consumers, while Canada, Germany and France, get a free ride at our expense...

ObamaCare has already “negotiated” $80 billion of price concessions from drug manufacturers “in an explicit quid pro quo for protection against rebates and re-importation.” Believe me.  This will be the first of many small cuts as the huge cost of Obama Care piles up.  As public coffers empty, the administration will drop the ruse of concessions for naked coercion.

Once the market no longer can set prices that recoup R&D investment, pharmaceutical manufacturers will slow down and then stop new product development. Their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders will not allow them to do otherwise.

Ultimately, Obama Care will turn our pharmaceutical industry into a quasi public utility that earns a moderate federally-set profit by churning out established drugs. The risk-averse FDA will still insist on a rigorous approval process, meaning that the costs and risks of new drug development will remain forbidding. Why would any pharmaceutical company risk its assets on the development of an innovative drug?"

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