Taxpayers Supporting Marijuana Sales?

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Taxpayers Supporting Marijuana Sales?

Post  News Hawk on Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:47 pm


"You knew it was coming.With the legalization of pot in Colorado and other states, it has been discovered that over the past few months, purchases of marijuana in pot dispensaries have been paid for with cash from welfare benefits.

The purchase of marijuana is strictly a cash business so it was obvious that ATM machines should be made available inside the dispensaries for easy access to money.That’s fine except that there is no distinction between a credit/debit card and an EBT card.

Taxpayers have given this money to people that are “in need of assistance”, not to people who need to get “high”.In one month in Colorado 19 different marijuana retail stores had a least one welfare recipient walk in, use a Quest card and withdraw money from an ATM machine inside the store.It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were buying.Welfare clients used state-issued debit cards in stores with names like “Medicine Man”, “Starbuds” and “MMJ Uptown”.Gee, can’t imagine what they sell.

An investigation showed that a majority of people use the money for rent, household supplies and items for their children, but the Colorado Department of Human Services admits that there are those that abuse the system.

Taxpayers need to know this.



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Re: Taxpayers Supporting Marijuana Sales?

Post  WHL on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:30 am

For some reason a lot of those on welfare has a main diet of junk food and sodas. Maybe Michelle should go after them. Which reminds me, someone was taking on the radio the other night and said that we give kids breakfast lunch and dinner in a lot of schools, yet they get food stamps for each child. So we are double giving. I never thought about that I must admit.

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