A Pageful of "What-ifs"...

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A Pageful of "What-ifs"...

Post  News Hawk on Fri May 23, 2014 8:27 pm

FOX's reprint from another source:

"What if the NSA’s spies gather so much personal data about and from their one billion targets that, if reduced to print, the data collected would fill 27 times the content of the Library of Congress -- every day?

"What if the accusations against the Chinese military officers -- who are unlikely to stand trial here -- are just another diversion by the Obama administration to take our eyes off its foreign adventurism, which has caused chaos in Libya, its failures in Benghazi, which may expose political gain at the price of lives, and its incompetence at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which the president has known about since before he became president....?"
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