Greta wants to know-so do I

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Greta wants to know-so do I

Post  WHL on Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:43 pm

Greta Van Susteren
I think the President should answer this - I want a complete answer and I want the truth:

Why did he fly home for 36 hours from his Martha's Vineyard vacation? Why do I ask? Because it cost taxpayers a boatload of money on AF1! We know he went to a 5 hour party at his chef's house and they watched a football game. The WH had hinted it was for a meeting on immigration and he wanted to do that face to face -- but two things: one, many who were part of the meeting PHONED in so that face to face business is not so....and yesterday the WH announced no decision until AFTER THE ELECTION (obviously a political decision and not one designed to address immigration.) So....why DID he come home? I have seen estimates that AF1 costs $400,000 an HOUR -- add it up and you get lots of taxpayer spent that could have been spent on food for the homeless, public schools, reading programs, potholes in roads, etc.

It may seem like a small item to some but it is a lot of money and it is an attitude by our government. This attitude has to stop. Our politicians (on the Hill and not just this political party) forget - they work for us and we don't work for them. This stuff all adds up so don't tell me it is not a lot of money - it is. (And it really annoys me that the media looks the other way on this saying 'they all do it' or 'it is a small amount of money compared to Federal budget' -- when the media does this, has this attitude, too, the media is part of the problem.)

So -- I want to know - what's the truth and the complete truth? Why did he come back and how much did it cost?

PS Of course our President should be safe and travel must be safe...and he is entitled to vacations.....but my problem here is that sometimes it is just too much. He needs to be an example to the American people. We already contributed to his vacation (to Martha's Vineyard) -- but more importantly than the money is that we should get the truth and the whole truth. I don't want to be 'had' and I feel 'had' when I think I am not getting the truth of why he returned for that 36 hours. I don't want to be used -- a 'fake' meeting story so that he can go to a 5 hour party on the taxpayer dime. Did he do that or not? Tell us...don't use us.

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Re: Greta wants to know-so do I

Post  News Hawk on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:57 pm

WHL wrote:He needs to be an example to the American people.

He IS an example to the American peopleā€”one that Americans should remember the next time they ponder a vote for the Socialist Party.

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