Even More Deadly than The Obama Administration...

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Even More Deadly than The Obama Administration...

Post  News Hawk on Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:06 am

From a Navy buddy who stays on top of this sort of thing.

Remember: Situational Awareness & OPSEC!

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I came across an article today at the office, information I am getting out to my daughters. It really pertains more to our family member still on active duty, but could affect past military members. The Army put out a bulletin to service members and families stationed overseas, but it has implications stateside.  A leading cleric who has an association with the ISIL group put out an announcement encouraging ISIL members to start following Facebook/twitter accounts, specifically looking for correspondence between service members, family members and kids. If the location of the individuals can be determined through their chatter, they should be sought out and killed. Particular attention should be paid to finding Service member’s wives and children. The cleric emphasized to watch for American families on vacation, as they would be distracted and not be aware they are being targeted. Kill the women and children first as that would create panic and disorient the service member.   If possible, the service member should also be killed, but focus on the family members first.

As I said, the bulletin was put out for Service members overseas, but careless conversations could  inadvertently expose service members stateside, although the Army did state there was no evidence this type of activity has been detected/ discussed Stateside by any ISIL elements. The Army, in their bulletin, put a cautionary note to watch what you say because it could compromise the member and/or family members.

I don’t know how wide-spread this will be disseminated but it makes sense to inform the family that this type of warfare is well within ISIL’s capability. And what better way to instill a sense of fear in people.

We have already had one beheading a week ago, although labeled “workplace violence” since this administration refuses to admit or vocalize the term, terrorism.

I could go on, but will stay on topic. If I find out anything else I will be sure to pass the information on to you.

Take care, we send our love.



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