National Association of Colored People Pushing Against Voter I.D. ...

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National Association of Colored People Pushing Against Voter I.D. ...

Post  News Hawk on Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:04 pm

One of North Carolina’s most vocal critics of voter ID laws is finding itself in hot water, after a rash of complaints about alleged voting irregularities and illegal campaign activity within its own organization.

The Winston-Salem branch of the North Carolina NAACP received complaints from members after a failed election oversight attempt by the state NAACP during elections last month:

The complaint, signed by about 41 members, alleged that Ike Howard, who won the presidency in the election, and others distributed campaign literature in the building where the election was being held, a violation. The complaint also alleged that members voted on blank pieces of paper — instead of actual ballots — as required by the NAACP bylaws."

They can't see the forest for the trees?

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