If You Like Your BBQ Grill...Maybe, Well—Maybe Not...

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If You Like Your BBQ Grill...Maybe, Well—Maybe Not...

Post  News Hawk on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:34 pm

You better guard your burgers, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is coming after your grill.

In the midst of a court battle trying to declare your drainage ditch is navigable waters, charging farmers thousands in fines, barring of collecting rain water for gardening, and other over-reach as of late, the EPA has turned their eyes more and more to the home owner. There have been propositions to target your lawn mower, your weed eaters, and now your BBQ grill.

The agency has announced granting $15,000 to the University of California to develop technology to reduce particle emissions for residential propane BBQ grills. Of all the things to concentrate on, they are worried about grease from meats getting onto the propane jets that burn clean with very little CO2 to reduce air pollution. They feel it would not only help with “global warming” but also cut down on “health hazards.” While the initial technology will be used primarily in Southern California, they see the “potential for global application.”
A college gets a free $15,000 grant, what do you think they'll find?


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Re: If You Like Your BBQ Grill...Maybe, Well—Maybe Not...

Post  WHL on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:39 pm

Heard that! The EPA needs to go!!!!!!

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