Obama Also Ignorant of Price Tag...

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Obama Also Ignorant of Price Tag...

Post  News Hawk on Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:40 am

Obama To Fly Millions Of Illegal Immigrant Children to U.S.:
The Price Tag… We Don’t Know

Coach or First Class? Why walk through a desert to get to the United States when you can just fly?

That’s the new policy being adopted by the Obama administration for illegal alien children whose parents want them to come to the United States. As long as the parent maintains any kind of legal status they can apply to have their child picked up in central America and flown to the U.S. to be reunited. Millions of children may qualify for the program under refugee status. And because of the refugee designation, once the children arrive in America their families can apply for tax-payer funded “family reunification benefits” that include education, food stamps, medical care and other living expenses.

When asked about the price tag for the program a White House spokesperson said they don’t really know, but they say the new policy is a “safe, legal and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are undertaking to the United States.”

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch brings up the obvious question:

When you look at this program you have to wonder… why is there a border anyway?

(View video at link)

For illegal immigrants things just got a lot easier."


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