We Can Bring Illegal Aliens to the U.S.—but...

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We Can Bring Illegal Aliens to the U.S.—but...

Post  News Hawk on Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:53 pm


But...but...Obama killed bin Laden...???

Since the American embassy in Yemen had been shut down, Mansour wound up calling the U.S. embassy in Saudi Arabia. “I told them there were about 75 families here waiting at the port,” she recalled. “My family has been waiting there for two weeks. We ran out of money, we ran out of food.”

It was not the U.S. government that finally put Mansour and a handful of other refugees on that slow boat to Djibouti – it was CNN. The news network chartered a ship and rescued 15 Americans, who counted themselves very lucky to make it on board. CNN can get people out of Yemen, but the Obama Administration can’t.

The State Department has been telling Americans to roll the dice and seek passage to Djibouti on foreign ships, while the embassy says it does not know who to contact to ensure such passage
. Other Americans have been able to find seats on U.N. evacuation flights and Russian ships.

Most of them end up passing through Djibouti – where, by all accounts, both the American embassy and host government have been doing an outstanding job of managing both American evacuees and Yemeni refugees coming across the border.

John Forbes Kerry runs the State Department, and CNN comes to the embassy's rescue?


(Well, it's turning out better than Benghazi!)



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