“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

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“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”

Post  News Hawk on Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:31 am

During WW1, Turkey took the Islamic opportunity to massacre, enslave, crucify, starve, or behead their "internal enemies", who also happened to live in neighboring Armenia. (About 1½ Million souls). Today, April 24th, is its Hundred-Year Anniversary. Turkey's new government denies that it ever happened.

Evil or Very Mad

A family member married an offspring of Armenia's survivors; otherwise, I wouldn't have known very much about it. The slaughter was every bit as horrific as ISIS today, except that one third of Armenia's population was killed off—men, women and children. No great headlines were made when East Timor Island's Christian population was eradicated from Indonesia in the 1990s. (Indonesia, where Obungle was adopted and educated).

Civilization itself is imperiled as we watch.

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