Socialism Always Fails--Somebody Tell the Pope!

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Socialism Always Fails--Somebody Tell the Pope!

Post  News Hawk on Mon Dec 28, 2015 6:37 am

2015 Holiday Message to Pope Francis: You're Not Helping Anybody with Socialism, Father

The Catholic Church has been hijacked by the S American left, and it's sad to watch—yet ironically, this ongoing 'revolution' at The Vatican continues while disillusioned Argentines and Venezeulans run away from socialism as fast as their feet can carry them...  

Get with the times—and facts/reality—Your Holiness, the left has nothing to offer the poor that has a prayer of working over the medium-long term.

With all due respect, you could learn from John Paul II and Ronald Reagan... both of whom did a lot more—and did it effectively—
to help the plebes than blowhard Marxist frauds like Hugo Chavez, Obama, or Castros will ever do.

Reagan created 20 million jobs—isn't that really helping people?

And what pray-tell has Obama ever done that even came close to The Gipper's towering accomplishments? What could he ever give-away that would have such a lasting effect as the wealth—along with the supreme dignity of self-sufficiency—produced by the bountiful Reagan boom years?

Most intellectually-honest people are aware that capitalism—of the light on regulation/long on opportunity variety—
is the only thing that has ever lifted any masses out of poverty—or created wealth out of thin air—in world history.

And what's up with the back-room bargains with Obama, arranging for you to shill for 'climate change' and suicidal open-borders policy while we all make nice with communist Cuba—not only are you misguided and on the wrong side of all these issues, they're really none of your business in the first place.

Perhaps you could get back to taking some responsibility for open season on Christians in the Middle East and why you're just kicking-back watching the Islamic invasion of the Christian west like some spectator... when what you ought to be doing is meeting with  people like Viktor Orban and brave, pro-Catholic, anti-immigration conservative leadership in Poland to discuss this grave existential threat to Europe and all the west.

FWIW, I myself am a lifelong, still-church-going Catholic, adopted from a Catholic infant home. I have always been loyal to The Church all my life, because among other things they most likely saved my life-so I've regularly defended Rome when it wasn't easy to do so.

But enough is enough--really. The world-socialist left, godless Obama regime, and the Castros are not the sorts of things the Holy See should be scheming behind closed doors with...only an agenda-driven 'progressive' (like an Argentine Peronist-poplist type) could possibly think otherwise.

What kind of Pope is this, anyhow?



..."The beauty of being a liberal is that history always begins this morning..."
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Re: Socialism Always Fails--Somebody Tell the Pope!

Post  WHL on Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:17 am

Yeah, who knew this Pope was a Communist?

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