Half of California's Drivers Licenses Go to Illegals...

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Half of California's Drivers Licenses Go to Illegals...

Post  News Hawk on Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:17 pm

Illegals given nearly 50% of California drivers licenses

California's roadways just got a lot more crowded - with illegal immigrants. Nearly half of all new non-commercial licenses issued in California in 2015 went to illegal immigrants.

A new Department of Motor Vehicles program granted 605,000 new drive's licenses out of 1.4 million to illegal immigrants. "This was a major undertaking and never before had the department implemented a program such as this one," Artemio Armenta, spokesman for the Department of Motor Vehicles, told the Orange County Register.

Please, bring on those self-driving cars!


Wait...what about those Mexican 18-wheeler drivers allowed across the border states into the USA?



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