Criticism of Veterans Affairs Secretary Mounts Over Backlog in Claims

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Criticism of Veterans Affairs Secretary Mounts Over Backlog in Claims

Post  fshnski on Sun May 19, 2013 1:14 pm

The 30-second Web video has the edgy quality of a campaign-season attack ad, including ominous music, grainy photos and a closing demand: “It’s time for new leadership.”

But the target is not an elected official, or a politician at all. It is President Obama’s secretary of veterans affairs, Eric Shinseki, the man being held accountable for his overwhelmed agency’s problems.

And for one problem in particular: “the backlog,” the huge and probably still growing inventory of claims for disability compensation filed by wounded or ill veterans. As of Monday, just under 600,000 claims qualified as backlogged, meaning they had been pending for over 125 days.

Though the numbers have grown, delays in processing disability claims are nothing new, and neither are complaints about the backlog. Just last year, some veterans advocates tried to make the backlog a presidential campaign issue. They failed. But this year, something changed: the criticism grew louder and perhaps more partisan, and began reaching a wider audience.

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Re: Criticism of Veterans Affairs Secretary Mounts Over Backlog in Claims

Post  News Hawk on Sun May 19, 2013 8:45 pm

Shocked There are so many Obama Administration scandals, no one can keep up! Surprised

"...You know what the IRS is really great at? Breaking its own laws.

"In addition to targeting conservative groups, the corrupt government agency has also been singling out disabled veterans. They do this by using banks to launder and then stealing the veterans’ disability checks. Shameful.

"The Veterans Disability Act of 2010 exempts VA disability from withholding of any sort. But the IRS has been stealing disabled veterans’ money anyway.

Hey, Government needs the money...


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