Just what we need.

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Just what we need.

Post  fshnski on Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:23 pm

Nicaragua may, at last, see its dream of a cross-country canal come true. President Daniel Ortega presented on Wednesday a draft law to the National Assembly that will give a Hong Kong company the contract for the construction and management of the future canal for 50 years. The Assembly, which is largely controlled by Ortega’s Sandinista Front, approved the project a day later, over objections from the opposition.

The project, which will be controlled by the newly formed HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Ltd., includes an inter-oceanic canal, an oil pipeline, a “dry canal” freight railroad, two deep-water ports, two airports, and a series of free-trade zones. “After so many centuries fighting for this canal to come true, at last we are approaching that historic moment for the Nicaraguan people,”

Opponents of the plan point out that every key detail of the project remains a mystery: The sources of funding, Nicaragua’s share of the profits, and the route it would take from ocean to ocean. “There is no defined path, we can’t measure the degree of seriousness of the project,” said opposition lawmaker Javier Vallejos in the Assembly. “This is putting the cart before the horses.”

Other opponents question the high cost of the project, which would be 25 times the size of Nicaragua’s current annual budget, in a country where almost half of the population lives in poverty. “Why all the rush in approving a law that will be in power for a century or longer? Whose interest is it responding to?”


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Re: Just what we need.

Post  News Hawk on Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:25 am

Just to refresh everyone's memory, President Jimmy Carter (during his only term in office) "donated" the Panama Canal Zone to Nicaragua—of which—China now controls both ends. Panama, run by Commies, now sells passports to Red-Chinese citizens, who arrive in the US as "Panamanian citizens".

A hippie-gal I know lives in Panama, unpreturbed that every time she arrives in Florida to pick up her twelve "free" anti-rejection prescriptions ("free" US lung transplant), her house is picked apart for windows, doors, sinks, toilet, concrete blocks and even roof shingles. When she spotted her refrigerator in another's house, the police said there was nothing they could do.

Just like some will willingly shill for Obama here, she loves Commie Danny Ortega, and wears Che Gueverra T-shirts and memorabilia.


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