NPR "Ethics"?

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NPR "Ethics"?

Post  News Hawk on Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:52 am


Media's NOT "inbred" at all...

Rolling Eyes

"Anyone remember Ari Shapiro? The NPR journalist covering the Romney campaign when he found that his “ethics” wouldn’t allow him to stand during the “Pledge of Allegiance.


Back then many a pundit chimed in that they wouldn’t have made the same call but gave Shapiro props for his high “ethical” standards. High fives for stickin’ to his convictions. OK. That was then.


Today Shapiro covers the White House for NPR. Shouldn’t be a problem, but Shapiro’s spouse now works for the White House. Seriously?? Is that a conflict? Hmmmmm, what does the NPR ethics handbook say?
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