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Most Americans Are Making a Profit Off Of Government

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Most Americans Are Making a Profit Off Of Government Empty Most Americans Are Making a Profit Off Of Government

Post  Outerlimits Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:29 am

This kind of puts the "rich don't pay their share" into perspective.
"Because transfer payments are, in effect, the opposite of taxes, it makes sense to look not just at taxes paid, but at taxes paid minus transfers received. For 2009, the most recent year available, here are taxes less transfers as a percentage of market income (income that households earned from their work and savings):

Bottom quintile: -301 percent
Second quintile: -42 percent
Middle quintile: -5 percent
Fourth quintile: 10 percent
Highest quintile: 22 percent
Top one percent: 28 percent

The negative 301 percent means that a typical family in the bottom quintile receives about $3 in transfer payments for every dollar earned.

The most surprising fact to me was that the effective tax rate is negative for the middle quintile. According to the CBO data, this number was +14 percent in 1979 (when the data begin) and remained positive through 2007. It was negative 0.5 percent in 2008, and negative 5 percent in 2009. That is, the middle class, having long been a net contributor to the funding of government, is now a net recipient of government largess."
I hate to sound so cold…but hunger is a great motivator.  Have you ever seen a sign in the park stating:  Please don’t feed the animals because they become dependent on hand-outs and they will lose the ability to fend for themselves?   Well the same applies to people.
Not a single dime should be stolen via government from one person in order to give to another. Charity is something one chooses to give to those (individuals of entities) they themselves deem worthy.
For all the die hard welfare supporters...
When was the last time you shelled out your own money, used your gas & vehicle and your labor to buy some food for someone whose family was going hungry?
When was the last time you picked up, much less drove a desperate person who was trying to get from point A to point B in order to get a job? Did you take them 10 minutes out of your way? Did you take them 30 minutes out of your way? Did you take them 2-1/2 hours out of your way?
When was the last time you stopped on the side of the road to offer roadside assistance? Maybe helped someone change a flat, maybe bought them some gas (yes with your OWN money), ?
Yet you somehow liberals see themselves as noble by voting for others to pay the tab.
Liberals (Democrats and Republicans) demand others to step up, via the government to alleviate their own personal responsibilities to society, demanding that SOMEONE do something as long as they not really bothered by the effort, in order to assist another. There are far too many that demand something be done, while they themselves have never and will never do anything to help another. There are too many who demand a government program to help the elderly who may not be able to mow their own yard or shovel their snow, yet they themselves would NEVER so much as cross a street to assist one of those elderly people in their own neighborhood.
They really have no right whatsoever to demand that others provide what they are unwilling to do...with their resources.
We have a system in this country that REWARDS people for failure.  Our system pays people to have children when they can’t afford them.  Adults on government subsidies have a birth rate of 3 times higher than those not on assistance.
Think about that for a moment.
The elderly, the disabled and children make up the majority of the population on government assistance…YET, that group as a whole is still breeding at a rate three times higher than able body Americans that support themselves.

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