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This story tells a sad tale.

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This story tells a sad tale. Empty This story tells a sad tale.

Post  fshnski Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:46 am

NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2013 — Barack Obama versus Vladimir Putin is already the mismatch of the century.
Observing these two circle each other on the world stage is like watching an amateur against a professional. Putin is proving himself to be faster, stronger, smarter. Meanwhile, amid the Syria debacle, we watch Obama shrink before our eyes. That is dangerous.

A weak president makes for a weak country. Love him or hate him, to the world Obama is America. Right now America is seen as second-rate.

Obama’s missteps have already yielded a terrible consequence. Russia is now viewed as a super-power equal or even surpassing the United States.

All that thanks to a president, our president, who does not know what he is doing when it comes to politics outside the Beltway. The oratorical brilliance that twice got him into high office with meager credentials works fine with his teleprompter in hand and among the cultish worshippers to whom every word of his is music.

But on the far reaches of the horizon, his message gets lost in translation. He is viewed as a local politician who has no business trying to talk big.

Among big-time leaders he is seen a community organizer who got lucky. We may still be enthralled, but they have him figured out.

We need a president who is respected internationally. Instead we are stuck with what we’ve got. The rest of the world is sending us a message, saying, “You voted for him. We didn’t.” So he gets no respect and we get no respect. Along the corridors of power, Obama walks alone.

BBC images from the just concluded G20 Summit in St. Petersburg, which gained him no traction, feature Obama lost and alone in a world too big for him.

He has been isolated certainly by our enemies. Putin openly scoffs him and Obama’s magic never seems to send a tingle up Putin’s leg.

America’s friends have also become less friendly. Britain’s Parliament has rejected Obama on the high level task of intervening in Syria, and although Prime Minister David Cameron is gamely taking Obama’s side, we see nothing here to match the warmth that existed between Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

The current relationship turned lukewarm, as Charles Krauthammer reminded us in his July column, when spiteful over Britain’s colonial past, Obama “started his presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.” But it gets worse or just as bad when Obama shows himself the baffled and over-matched innocent abroad.

Read more: http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/novelists-view-world/2013/sep/6/engelhard-how-putin-became-obamas-daddy/#ixzz2eCc1SK2H
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This story tells a sad tale. Empty Re: This story tells a sad tale.

Post  WHL Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:46 am

That just about sums it up! Weak.

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