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Does this make sense?

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Does this make sense? Empty Does this make sense?

Post  fshnski Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:59 pm

Let's see if i have this straight. Our federal government gave money to a foreign government so they could come to New Hampshire to take advantage of our wind and degrade our scenery so the foreigners can sell energy to another state.

Why don't they put the wind farms in that state?

ALEXANDRIA — Though Iberdrola Renewables hasn’t filed an application for the project yet with the state’s Site Evaluation Committee, the company has signed a 15-year agreement to sell power from its proposed Wild Meadows wind farm to a group of Massachusetts utilities.

The agreement will benefit Massachusetts’ Renewable Energy Portfolio and its electricity customers, though there are questions about its value to New Hampshire.

Iberdrola, a Spain-based wind power giant, announced the agreement on Thursday, saying the deal would help “consolidate New Hampshire as a leader in meeting New England’s renewable power needs.”

But New Hampshire Wind Watch president Lori Lerner sees it differently.

“Why should New Hampshire residents be expected to sacrifice our economy and quality of life to help Massachusetts meet its Renewable Portfolio Standards goal?” said Lerner.

“Clearly, the politics within Massachusetts are driving the desire for these wind projects,” she said. “As a result, it seems Massachusetts is looking to other states to host the industrial wind turbines for their benefit.”

The Wild Meadows project, one of three Iberdrola wind farms in the state, would erect a 37-tower array of towers on a 6,000-acre parcel that the company has leased from landowners in Alexandria, Danbury and Grafton. The lighted, 40-story turbine towers would be placed along ridgelines near Newfound Lake and Cardigan Mountain.

The project has drawn heavy criticism from area residents and groups. Many residents said the towers will ruin the pristine views around the lake, and damage the area’s tourist industry in the process.


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Does this make sense? Empty Re: Does this make sense?

Post  News Hawk Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:39 pm

It's only for 50-years, or so...

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