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The "Zombie-Democrats"...

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The "Zombie-Democrats"... Empty The "Zombie-Democrats"...

Post  News Hawk Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:08 am

Earlier, I may have mentioned that Reason and Logic don't occur to Progressives, but never mind:

"Zombie Democrats are incapable of anything approaching reasoning.

Rush Limbaugh calls them "low-information voters." That's generous. They are unable to process information that doesn't fit preconceived notions – novel concepts like children do best when raised in two-parent households and no nation was ever attacked because it was too strong. Evidence is irrelevant. Logic is suspect.

      You: "Now zombie, why do you think states and municipalities with stringent gun control have higher homicide rates than those with easier access to firearms?" Zombie slobbers and shrieks.

      You: "And, Zombie, why do amnesties always result in more illegal immigration?" Zombie looks about for a midnight snack, preferably a Republican.

      You: "Zombie, my friend, if Islam is indeed the religion of peace, why are the..."
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