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Political Poster-Boy for Hypocrisy Avoids Sex-Predator List...

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Political Poster-Boy for Hypocrisy Avoids Sex-Predator List... Empty Political Poster-Boy for Hypocrisy Avoids Sex-Predator List...

Post  News Hawk Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:32 am


"...From 2003 to 2008, Sweden’s sexual assault rate doubled to 53 rapes per 100,000 people. The numbers are now so bad that some forecasts indicate that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped in their lifetimes.

Police statistics show that as much of 77% of rapes were carried out by foreign born rapists. As much as 5 percent of Sweden is now Muslim. Around the same time that Sweden’s rape statistics were doubling, so was its Muslim population.

In Stockholm, six Muslim teenagers who raped a 15-year-old Swedish girl were given 100 hours of community service. One of the rapists described himself as a “proud Muslim” and was no doubt aware of the rather forgiving attitude of his religion toward the rape of non-Muslim women and girls.

But this real war on women can’t be discussed because of its leftist perpetrators who fill a country with rapists and then offer their victims easy access to abortion.

Around the same time that Filner was making his preparations to run for mayor, Imperial County, the area bordering Mexico with a heavily Mexican population that had been added to his district, saw an increase in rapes. But most rapes there went unreported. In 2008, rapes in San Diego had increased 34 percent. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of Latinos in San Diego had increased by 21%. Filner had been the chief beneficiary of that demographic shift which allowed him to become the first Democrat mayor of San Diego in a generation.

Since 2000, Filner had run in a majority Latino district scoring decisive victories. During the mayoral race, Filner supporters had dubbed him “Roberto Filner” and chanted "Bob, si puedas”; a version of Obama’s “Yes we can”. And Filner had boasted that the Latino vote would be his margin of victory in the election. While Filner’s lead was not that tremendous among Latinos, it was more than double among foreign born voters.

Filner had co-sponsored an amnesty bill back in 2007. He had opposed building a border fence and at an interfaith ceremony, had called amnesty a “holy cause”. And illegal alien activists returned the favor. Enrique Morones of Border Angels took the lead in defending Filner even long after the facts were in.

"Environmentalists, educators, women's rights, gays, civil rights, labor, human rights, unions, neighborhoods, immigration and many more -- we stand united," Morones had said at a pro-Filner rally.

The entire pyramid of liberal identity politics was trotted out in defense of a serial predator.
Meanwhile rape cases in California had increased by 7 percent.

"I've been in the forefront of the great social issues of our time--civil rights, anti-war, labor, the environment, women's rights," Filner had said while running for office "I've been there with you and for you, and will continue to be there."

And that is exactly the problem.

Bob Filner wasn’t just guilty of a one man war on women
. Like so many liberal politicians, he had championed policies that led to sexual assaults on a much larger scale than any individual could be capable of. And he did it all while winning the female voters and posturing as a protector of women.

The Left won the war on women in Sweden. It is winning the war on women in California

All that remains is for The Marxists in Washington, DC, to seek foreign-born votes from Muslims in this country, and our women are done-for.

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