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Women in Foxholes...

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Women in Foxholes... Empty Women in Foxholes...

Post  News Hawk Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:50 am

A retired General is about to get an IRS audit! Suspect

"In justification of the administration’s policy to put women in foxholes, [Panetta] claimed that women in direct combat strengthen our military. His statement is a contradiction of every war we have fought and the ethos of every warrior who ever fought in those wars. He is more comfortable around homosexuals and feminists than warriors.

"Panetta’s statement extolling the readiness multiplier of women leading bayonet charges is beyond the pale. But it does reflect the attitude of the commander in chief, disastrously over his head in the international arena, a “leader” unable to make tough decision who is fearful of risk and does not know the difference between a corps and a corpse.

"Neither Obama nor Panetta has ever served in combat...,

"Unimaginable in our past, we have leaders who consider awarding medals for not shooting...,"
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