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President Hussein's Golf Game and World Events...

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President Hussein's Golf Game and World Events... Empty President Hussein's Golf Game and World Events...

Post  News Hawk Wed Aug 20, 2014 8:54 pm

The problem with President Obama's golf outings is the lack of strategic thinking and systematic leadership when he is not on the golf course.

The confusion over Syria, Iraq, ISIS, Hamas, Israel, and Libya is only one example of the growing incoherence of his entire administration.

Lurching from crisis to crisis and story to story with no strategic purpose or long-term implementation makes his golf matches look more consequential than his presidency.

If the economy was growing, the border was controlled, the Middle East was stabilizing and there were no outbreaks of violence in the streets of major American cities, no one would comment on the number of golf games President Obama played. But none of that is the case--which gives you a sense of the achievement gap between the Eisenhower-Reagan model of strategic leadership and the Obama model of tactical improvisation.

Just remember: it's not the golfing hours, it's the non-golfing hours that are a problem.

Eisenhower's White House staff actually urged him to get out on the golf course: they knew he was so intense and so driven to succeed that he needed time away from the office to decompress.

We are living in very strange times.


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