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What is the goal of this?

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What is the goal of this? Empty What is the goal of this?

Post  obervantone Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:22 pm

I glanced at the article and I am not sure what the planners are trying to do. Can anyone shed some light?

Hybrid roundabout proposed in Meredith
Published Date Friday, 10 October 2014 12:55

MEREDITH — The Rte. 3-25 advisory committee yesterday decided to look at a hybrid one-lane roundabout plan for the critical intersection, which would feature a traffic light as well as a roundabout configuration.
The hybrid roundabout idea was suggested by Rusty McLear, who described himself as ''a pro-roundabout guy''. He said that the light would only be operational during peak hours, which amounted to three or four hours, two days a week for about 10 weekends a year.
Gene McCarthy of McFarland Johnson, Inc., project manager for the DOT, said that he wasn't sure what the impact of a hybrid roundabout would be on traffic flow. He said that hybrid roundabouts create a pause in traffic as it enters the roundabout but that data is sketchy on how well they work.
McLear's suggestion came after Rte. 3-25 committee member Warren Clark said that he thinks that the model used by Johnson, which recently concluded that a signalized intersection at Rte. 3-25, will move more cars than a one-lane roundabout was flawed.
''I question the model,'' said Clark, who said that he wanted to see some ''pro-roundabout experts'' before making a decision on whether to support a signalized intersection or a roundabout. He said that he is convinced that a series of roundabouts are the answer .
McCarthy said that the criteria used for assessing the effectiveness of roundabouts has changed in recent years as they have become more popular. ''It used to be that the only data we had was from England. What we've found from studies in this country is that they're not as effective in moving traffic here as in England. American drivers are more hesitant and don't drive through them as fast as the English do,'' said McCarthy.
Committee member Jack Carty said that he thinks a roundabout should be as free as possible of interruptions and said that he thinks the immediate goal should be to solve the movement of traffic at the current stoplights in Meredith. He said that a series of roundabouts would actually slow the flow of traffic southbound on Rte. 3 to Rte. 104 and compound problems at the Rte. 3-25 intersection.
''If we can solve the problem at Ground Zero maybe we can tackle the other issues later,'' said Carty.
The committee decided to look at the impact of a roundabout at Lake Street which would also include a two-phase crosswalk with a raised median where pedestrians could pause halfway across the street. There would be no left turn in either direction due to the raised median.
Also under consideration is a pedestrian overpass bridge at Dover Street which would have elevators as well as stairways at both ends. The bridge would have to be 18 and a half feet high and would be covered.
It would also have to be maintained by the town and the elevators alone would cost at least $240,000 according to Meredith Town Manager Phil Warren.
The next meeting of the committee, which is chaired by Selectman Lou Kahn, is scheduled for November 6 at 3 p.m.

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What is the goal of this? Empty Re: What is the goal of this?

Post  News Buzzard Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:13 pm

I think that's a terrible idea for that intersection. An intersection with traffic lights costs about $5 thousand a year in electricity, and then you have to maintain a service contract with a company for maintenance and repairs, while a roundabout is virtually maintenance free after the initial installation. I don't think a roundabout would move the traffic any faster at that corner and the businesses on all sides would be adversely impacted. For some reason the state and engineers have become infatuated with roundabouts, and in some cases they may be a good idea. In the case of Weirs Beach and the intersection of Rt 106 in Meredith I think the roundabouts are too small for tractor trailers.
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