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When One Hears, "Cliff!"

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When One Hears, "Cliff!" Empty When One Hears, "Cliff!"

Post  News Hawk Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:33 am

When One Hears, "Cliff!" Liberals_cliff

Winston Churchill apocryphally said “if you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain.” Of course, he didn’t say it. But if you choose to believe that anyway, you’d have a lot of support from young liberals.

There’s something wrong with liberals—an immaturity of thought and a wonton ignorance of sometimes-hard truths. The reason that quote is so popular is simple: youth is full of exuberance and impulsiveness, but lacking in wisdom. World peace, Kumbaya, and Star Trek are banging around in young people’s otherwise idle minds, and totally they buy it.

Then they are supposed to grow up and realize the truth. It’s not cynicism to know the truth.

There’s never been world peace between humans. It hasn’t ever happened since Cain and Abel, and won’t ever happen until after Christ’s return. If you don’t believe in Christ, then it won’t happen until humans evolve into some other advanced race, or we blow ourselves to smithereens. Take your pick.

There you have the truth. Ring it up please.

Liberals not only refuse to buy the truth, but they also never throw the lie away. They are really good at picking selective facts, building arguments, and even constructing elaborate systems, models, and research to support their grandiose ideas. But it’s all built on a lie. The lie that youth lasts forever, that mankind can live in permanent, cooperative peace without a strong God (or aliens, take your pick) to enforce it. Liberals are Peter Pan in search of Neverland. They never grow up.

It’s why causes like global warming gain so much traction with liberals. Anything to bring the world together for a Coke is deemed “good”, and anything else is hopelessly cynical. Fighting against cynicism is their main pastime, and to the liberal, the awakened, reasoning mind of the conservative is their chief target. To liberals, we’re cynical because we buy the truth of mankind’s basic imperfection and the impossibility of utopia. Conservatives see the cliff miles away and turn away from it, fight to stop the lemmings from their plunge, and stand in the road shouting “cliff!”

They hate us for it.

We who have been happy warriors in the culture war for a while know this. But Omar Mahmoud found out the hard way. Omar is a student at the University of Michigan. His majors are literature and anthropology, and he’s in his junior year. I doubt he’ll graduate.

Omar worked for the student paper at his school, The Michigan Daily. Then he wrote a piece for a conservative blog The College Fix, which he titled “Do The Left Thing”. It was a parody dealing with liberal hypersensitivity and “micro-aggression”, and it brought the entire hurt locker down on him.

It’s ironic (to conservatives, not to liberals) that Omar is a Muslim being attacked not for his religion, but for his politics. Liberals cannot stand an enlightened conservative mind exposing their foundational lie. If Omar had lampooned the Prophet Muhammed, he’d suffer less venom than being the man shouting “cliff!” to the lemmings.

The lie at the heart of liberalism—Neverland—is protected by narratives, myths, shibboleths, and slogans. From “hands up” to “micro-aggression” to racial justice, penetrating the liberal religious veil requires immediate retribution. With many American conservatives, it’s easy to just dismiss us as “white”. For black conservatives, they are still “white” but in black skin (as racist a concept as I could ever possibly imagine, worse than the blackface comedies of the 1920’s).

But for a Muslim, who isn’t a misunderstood, ISIS-flag-waving, or soldier-killing terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar” while firing into a crowded dining room, they have no category. Without a way to dismiss this young man, they attack him.

On Friday night, according to Mahmood, people attacked his dorm room door, egging it and leaving copies of his satirical article with notes on the backs including “Shut the ---- up!” and “You scum embarrass us” and “DO YOU EVEN GO HERE?! LEAVE!!” along with various others, including an image of a creature with horns and another one of him with his eyes crossed out.

This young student has won the medal of truth with his stand.

He said, “There are times when I say to myself, ‘Hell yes, I should have written that!' And there are times when it’s like, never in my dreams would I write it again, given the reaction I have had to deal with.”
Omar, be encouraged. You bought the truth, and shouted “cliff!” to the lemmings. Be thankful they actually heard you. Keep shouting because you might just save a few lives and minds

Ain't that the Truth...


..."The beauty of being a liberal is that history always begins this morning..."
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