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Wacko News Source...?

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Wacko News Source...? Empty Wacko News Source...?

Post  News Hawk Thu Jan 01, 2015 6:26 pm

"...If the cases in [ISIS-controlled] Mosul turn out to be Ebola — a scenario that, at this point, seems highly unlikely — it would mark the first time the virus had been detected in an area controlled by ISIS, a group that doesn't embrace science and modern medicine.

Over the past few weeks, militants affiliated with ISIS have executed more than a dozen doctors in Mosul, according to Benjamin T. Decker, an intelligence analyst with the Levantine Group, a Middle East-based geopolitical risk and research..."

I see this as an opportunity for ISIS to take out Israel, but the US borders are secure—so we have nothing to worry about.


(Although a suicide bomber carrying Ebola—and explosives—could be a problem 'most anywhere).


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