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N.H.'s Mark Steyn...  Empty N.H.'s Mark Steyn...

Post  News Hawk Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:17 am

Everyone misses the central story here and it is not Hillary.

It is Obama who approved this. This is the bigger story a scandal beyond belief.

Does anyone realize that 7 out of 9 cabinet officers of Obama's cabinet sat in on the committee to approve this? Here is another question. What did the other cabinet officers get for signing off on this deal? Is it at all conceivable that Obama knew nothing of this when 80% of his cabinet was involved?

Once again! Are we to believe that Obama was totally clueless that a deal to give away 20% of the United States' uranium?

Don't think so. Obama was the mastermind of this deal and I think there is a standoff between Hillary and Obama. If he throws her under the bus she can always pull him down with her by revealing all.

Obama is the key central figure in this scandal not Clinton, yet there is not one story pointing this out. A deal of this magnitude could not have been brokered without Obama pushing for it.

You simply cannot have 80% of your cabinet involved without Obama knowing all about this and pushing it. I cringe at the thought of what these cabinet members also got to sign off.
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Of course! The drone killings happened in January, but Obama's apology came out just as the "Uranium-Giveaway" story came out!

Evil or Very Mad

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Post  News Buzzard Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:30 pm

The Non-Scandal! It's all BS, and in fact the initiative on trade opportunities with Russia started during the Bush Administration.  No

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