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Two Bombs a Day...

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Two Bombs a Day... Empty Two Bombs a Day...

Post  News Hawk Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:09 am

Two Bombs a Day, Doesn't Keep ISIS Away

The news on ISIS this week has been fluid and multi-dimensional. ISIS has attacked in Paris and battled police and security forces in France. As of now, multiple raids are being conducted in Belgium. In fact, Belgian police were also involved in a gun battle today with ISIS supporters. The number of ISIS threats to Paris, Brussels, Washington, DC, New York, Atlanta and other cities seem endless. There are bomb threats, chemical threats, biological threats and plain old shoot 'em up threats.

ISIS is on a roll, courtesy of Barack Obama and his entourage of fools and lackeys, what our French allies would call, Les Incompetents. The ISIS thug state that President Obama referred to as contained last week is everything but that. In fact, ISIS is surging, not sinking.

The White House seems unfazed by anything. They respond to questions and attacks with platitudes about comprehensive strategies, multiple lines of effort, cutting off finances and an airtight coalition.

One, there is no strategy; two, there is no effort; three, ISIS has more money than ever and four, the so-called coalition is anything but that.

And yet, the White House seems surprised by the backlash against the President for his defeatist strategy. Even Democrat Party dinosaurs like Diane Feinstein are firing back at the President...excerpted
US Defense Watch

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