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Can We Get Loans Here?

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Can We Get Loans Here? Empty Can We Get Loans Here?

Post  News Hawk Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:21 am

Islamic company selling 'Sharia-compliant mortgages...

•Does Islamic company selling 'Sharia~compliant mortgages' control Asbury Park NJ boardwalk?
With ISIS committing acts of terror on 4 continents, and President Obama importing refugees from their home territory, now is a bad time to offer interest-free Sharia Law mortgages in America, but that’️s exactly what one company is doing.

The beach town of Asbury Park, New Jersey has undergone a slow-grinding redevelopment for the better part of 30 years. Bereft of money in 2007, the city sold millions of dollars worth of storied boardwalk buildings including Convention Hall to a private company -- Madison Marquette. Madison Marquette also owns concert venues near the boardwalk like the famed Stone Pony. They are positioned in expensive retail properties across America in California, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Florida and more.

What few know is that Madison Marquette is owned by an Islamic company rooted in the Middle East; a company whose other subsidiary specializes in "Sharia Law Compliance" and lures Sharia-following Muslims to 23 states with interest-free home mortgages.

The parent company is Capital Guidance Corporation

Interest-Free Loans?

What a concept!


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