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President Donald Trump, The Wrecking Ball...

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President Donald Trump, The Wrecking Ball... Empty President Donald Trump, The Wrecking Ball...

Post  News Hawk Sat Sep 08, 2018 7:35 am

"We are on the cusp of events that will change America, and ultimately the world, almost beyond recognition. Truly major events, however, are rarely understood by those on the ground who are close to the action.

In fact, those in the midst of such events almost always get it wrong. So here’s some perspective. It’s important to note that in built-up areas the only place to build is where something else already exists. Thus the first element of building is often to clear away the old. Enter the wrecking ball. Just remember, it swings in an arc: It must move in both directions to accomplish its work.

If you misunderstand politics today, then you won’t understand Donald Trump, the wrecking ball. As government becomes larger and more powerful, it always becomes corrupt. Human nature guarantees this result. With corruption comes the subversion of justice, bribes and payoffs, government decisions for sale and election tampering, then blackmail and threats to insure that the corrupt remain in power. Honesty and integrity vanish among elected officials, then bureaucrats and finally their supporters. The wrecking ball is dismantling the corruption. The Kavanaugh hearings, anyone?

Perhaps another wrecking ball was at work in Pennsylvania. In August, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made public a 1,400-page report detailing Catholic priests and child sex abuse. The Catholic hierarchy apparently learned nothing from their previous episodes of exposure. This one is a direct hit and will take down this pope. Whether it takes down the lavender mafia and their pederasty will come down to whether good men do something, rather than nothing."
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