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Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Empty Memorial Day

Post  WHL Mon May 27, 2013 3:57 pm

What a pretty day! It seems so nice after the last week or two. We had a wonderful boat ride, it is a bit rough out there but we had the big boat so it was fine for us. There were quite a few boats out in the broads. We got about a mile from our dock when we saw a little bird (purple martin) had gotten under the boat cover and was just under the windshield. We didn't want to just throw her out in case she couldn't fly or couldn't find her way, so we came back to shore and put her on a rock. When we came back from our ride, she was gone so I guess she was ok. Earlier our kids came up with their new puppy who is the sweetest puppy you ever saw. So we had a nice day.

I am thinking of all those who served and are serving our country today, too. Uncles and a cousin and other relatives and friends among them.

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