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Teen completes Eagle Scout project to renovate Concord war memorial

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Teen completes Eagle Scout project to renovate Concord war memorial   Empty Teen completes Eagle Scout project to renovate Concord war memorial

Post  fshnski on Tue May 28, 2013 12:37 pm

CONCORD, N.H. —Looking proud and almost brand-new, the war memorial in downtown Concord got more than just a facelift. Its renovation was a labor of love.

“We cleaned and power-washed the entire thing. It was more or less black when we started,” said James Challender, the Bow student who renovated the war memorial.

The memorial hadn't been maintained in nearly 60 years.

For exactly one year, Challender has been working to raise $3,000 -- and whole lot of support -- to renovate the memorial for his Eagle Scout project.

“It wasn't looked at as a memorial ... So, I thought it needed a renovation,” said Challender.

The work involved the Concord Fire Department helping with the power washing, ripping out grout and regrouting, and placing brand-new emblems.

“There's two for each branch of the military. Before, it was kind of empty,” said Challender.

Choosing to work on the memorial was especially important to Challender, as his father served in Operation: Desert Storm and is now a member of the National Guard.

“The number of older veterans that came by and spoke with my son thanked him,” said Jim Challender, James Challender's father. “I really appreciated (it).”

The Challender family, donors, supporters and dignitaries held a special dedication ceremony on Memorial Day morning.

Read more: http://www.wmur.com/news/nh-news/teen-completes-eagle-scout-project-to-renovate-concord-war-memorial/-/9857858/20320288/-/xedjff/-/index.html#ixzz2UbdkHxgR

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