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Reds vs. Grays...

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Reds vs. Grays... Empty Reds vs. Grays...

Post  News Hawk Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:34 am

Every morning, a Gray Squirrel makes a huge leap to the feeder. It's a very large feeder, so I really don't mind too much. However, the unwanted Red Squirrels benefit from the many dropped seeds that the Gray Squirrels drop.

Yesterday, I took the time to make a squirrel-guard out of a piece of orphaned Rubbermaid plastic. This morning, I had to laugh when the Gray Squirrel "took it all in".

Standing up, his head moved back and forth, very upset at this change, and repeatedly paced the porch railing—NOT knowing what to do next. It took a few minutes, but he took the leap, and studied the situation from above the guard.¬† He shortly finessed the guard, and resumed taking the sunflower seeds—dropping dozens to the porch floor. When I stood up to get more coffee, the Gray Squirrel leaped back to railing, where he faced a lot of earnest scolding from two (smaller) Red Squirrels. (Oops—now, three).

The Red Squirrels tormented the Gray with bites to his hind-quarters—not realizing that they were attacking their food provider!

(Think Corporations vs. Hippies—there's a lesson there).

News Hawk
News Hawk

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Reds vs. Grays... Empty Re: Reds vs. Grays...

Post  WHL Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:40 am

It is pretty interesting to watch the wildlife around here, isn't it?

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