Most Corrupt Democrat State...

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Most Corrupt Democrat State...

Post  News Hawk on Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:58 am

There is a long-standing argument about which state is the most corrupt. Is it New Jersey or New York? Is it Louisiana or Illinois? Maybe any one of these Democrat controlled states could take the crown, but it would be hard to overlook little Rhode Island. To use a boxing phrase, “pound for pound” Rhode Island might be the most corrupt of all.

Last January 1st marked the seventy ninth anniversary of what is known as “Rhode Island’s Bloodless Revolution.” In this totally lawless power grab, carried out on January 1st 1935, the Democrats decided that they could not wait for the moribund Republican Party to actually die so they merely passed regulations effectively stripping the few remaining Republicans in their state government of any power. Rhode Island went “deep Blue” before anyone knew what that phrase meant. If it wasn’t sitting in the shadow of corrupt Democrat Massachusetts the little commune would have its rightful reputation as the most corrupt state of all.

This said, we cannot be surprised that twice convicted grafter and corrupt Democrat Vincent “Bubby” Cianci, the former mayor of Providence, seems to be ready to make new run at his old seat. By way of background, Buddy’s resume includes a conviction under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and he has also racked up a conviction for attacking his ex-wife’s lover with a fire log and a lit cigarette. That was in 1984, but in 2002 Buddy came back to office and eventually was slapped with a RICO conviction for which he was sent to federal prison.

Buddy has been out of prison for a while now and these days he hosts a radio show that has many listeners. In spite of his two felony convictions and four years as a guest of the government, he is as they say, “tanned, rested, slimmer and ready for a comeback.” He has even ditched his stupid looking toupee known by its own nickname “the squirrel.”

While no actual public polling has been done, a top Rhode Island political insider is saying, “You can never count Buddy out. He can absolutely win the race.”

And why not! It’s corrupt Democrat controlled Rhode Island, Buddy Cianci and there must be a few dollars left to steal.


'Glad I left Rhode Island before learning of this!



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