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Larry Grathwohl has died...

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Larry Grathwohl has died... Empty Larry Grathwohl has died...

Post  News Hawk Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:39 pm


Larry Grathwohl, the man who informed the world of the coldest truths about Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dorhn, and the Weather Underground, has died

When I say "informed the world," I mean that he made the truth available, although most people blithely ignored it. When I say "the coldest truths," I mean, among other things, his report of the Weathermen leadership's icy calculation that after their communist counter-revolution, approximately ten percent of the U.S. population would be recalcitrant to their Marxist re-education program, and would therefore need to be killed.

And when I say "most people blithely ignored it," I am not thinking of the diminished infants and illiterates who have already made their way in good standing through Ayers' actual re-education camps -- i.e. American public schools in their latest stage of degradation -- and have thus been rendered morally and intellectually incapable of recognizing inhumanity and tyranny, perceiving them only as "new rights" and "the safety net," respectively.

I am thinking, rather, of the reasonably intelligent members of the Washington elite who were capable of understanding Grathwohl's words, and knew of Barack Obama's connection to Ayers, but who chose to keep these two realities tucked away in separate mental compartments, rather than face the fact that the man they were actively or passively supporting for the presidency in 2008 began his political career in the private home of a communist terrorist and advocate of mass execution."
Larry Grathwohl has died... William_Ayers_American_Flag_poster
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