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Cold War Scenario

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Cold War Scenario Empty Cold War Scenario

Post  News Hawk Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:22 am

Off San Diego port—I never heard of this, but here it is—in part:

"...​Carefully listening for any unusual activity above, the Foxtrot sensed an American Arleigh Burke​ class destroyer had just fired an ASROC anti-submarine weapon. The sound of something striking the ocean surface, and the unmistakable noise of high-speed propellers beginning to turn, convinced the nervous submariner that his boat was under attack.
The Foxtrot quickly and fearfully responded by firing two 20-kiloton nuclear-tipped torpedoes at maximum range of 10-mi with a maximum speed of 45-kts. The Soviet boat then immediately turned and dove to over 800-ft at full speed (15-kts). Next, the Soviet captain launched canisters of chemicals to confuse American sonar, and fired two noisemaker torpedoes as a further diversion.

The Soviet two 20-kiloton nuclear-tipped fish were detected by almost every sonar system in the battle group. The Foxtrot dove even deeper and began a standard evasion plan to deceive American ASW. This would probably not be successful, and knowing this, and faced with sure and certain destruction without a miracle, the Soviet captain fired the two remaining high-explosive torpedoes from his aft tubes at the pursuing destroyers and American submarine.

Both Soviet nuclear torpedoes detonated and sank the lead ship which was a cruiser (Ticonderoga-class). The battle group experienced substantial damage to its upper works, yet the Nimitz-class carrier was still able to conduct flight operations with those aircraft in the hangar. As soon as the fires were brought under control, those aircraft spotted on deck which were damaged beyond usefulness were pushed over the side.

For a few moments, it appeared that the extremely-quiet running Foxtrot might make good its escape, yet an anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft (P-3C Orion) dropped a series of sonobuoys close by, which relatively pinpointed the boat - a Mark 46 homing torpedo was fired by a Spruance-​cl​ass destroyer which did the rest. The Foxtrot sank to a depth of 4000-ft, yet its mission was completed. IRONICALLY, THE AMERICANS NEVER FIRED AN ASROC! War did not break out, and was prevented by extreme and fortuitous diplomatic maneuvering.

This is how a confrontation at sea during the Cold War might have played itself out. Without the high degree of professionalism and skill on both sides, this scenario and the horrific damage done by the drifting 40-kiloton nuclear cloud might have occurred. It did not. The men and women who served during this period at sea saved the world from a nuclear holocaust, yet have been given little or no credit for their efforts.​​.."


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