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America's 10-Worst Automobiles...

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America's 10-Worst Automobiles... Empty America's 10-Worst Automobiles...

Post  News Hawk Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:26 am

GM highly prominent. What errors!

Chrysler doesn't get a mention. Ford gets three.

I'd forgotten about GM's V-8 Diesel in the Oldsmobile. No wonder we're bailing GM out.

The first two years of the Ford Pinto involved the best- and worst- of power train choices. Then Ford designed a rough copy based on the best—that was no better than the original "worst". With $2000—a dollar a pound—I bought the best, with disc brakes standard.

My "exploding" Pinto was fixed with a $4 flexible shield, to bring it "up" to the standards of cars that didn't explode. A trailer hitch, which I had added for towing a catamaran, would have been enough protection to keep any rear-struck Pinto metal bumper from folding—thereby puncturing the gas tank. After 8 years of switching between owners in my family, that Pinto was finally sold-away for $1200.

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