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Comet 209/LINEAR

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Comet 209/LINEAR  Empty Comet 209/LINEAR

Post  News Hawk Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:48 pm

It has—perhaps—already made its mark on Earth—in history and Algonquin Indian lore.

The Algonquin Indians tell a story they say is the oldest of their people. In it, the Great Spirit warned that a star would fall, and the people who listened hid themselves in deep mud. An object appeared in the sky, as bright as a second sun, with a long, glowing tail that enveloped the Earth. Trees burned, lakes and rivers boiled, rocks shattered.

After the star had climbed back into the sky, the people emerged to find their world completely changed. The giant animals had died, leaving only their bones behind. The Great Spirit warned that the Long-Tailed Heavenly Climbing Star would someday return.

Comet 209/LINEAR  Cbaymbso
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