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State Fair Bans Guns...

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State Fair Bans Guns... Empty State Fair Bans Guns...

Post  News Hawk Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:13 am

State Fair Workers Robbed at Gun Point


Washington State Fair is one of the few locations in the State that bans the legal carry of firearms.  That policy is directly stated in the rules for the fair:

The following items will not be allowed at the Washington State Fair, weapons of any kind, including knives and all firearms

The effect of creating a weapons free zone was not lost on a group of criminals.  They used the fact that fair workers were known to be disarmed to their advantage.  Three different armed robberies of State Fair workers were committed in less than 20 minutes, on the 15th of September, Sunday night, shortly after the Fair closed.  

But Strom had just finished a 10-hour shift selling items at the fair and had been paid $100 in cash.

Comment at the site:

Liberals believe that virtuous people would not permit weapons at the fair; they want to be virtuous, therefore they ban weapons at the fair. If that results in an increase in violent crime, that's irrelevant... it's their intent that was the important thing in their minds.

'Meaning well' is everything, and damn the consequences.


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