Beltway Nepotism, Corporate Cronyism and Corruption

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Beltway Nepotism, Corporate Cronyism and Corruption

Post  News Hawk on Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:11 pm

Everything you need to know about Beltway nepotism, corporate cronyism and corruption can be found in the biography of Robert Hunter Biden. Where are the Occupy Wall Street rabble-rousers and enemies of elitist privilege when you need them? Straining their neck muscles to look the other way.

The youngest son of Vice President Joe Biden made news last week after The Wall Street Journal revealed he had been booted from the Navy for cocaine use. His drug abuse was certainly no surprise to the Navy, which issued him a waiver for a previous drug offense before commissioning him as a public affairs officer at the age of 43. The Navy also bent over backward a second time with an age waiver so he could secure the cushy part-time job.

Papa Biden loves to tout his middle-class, “Average Joe” credentials. But rest assured, if his son had been “Hunter Smith” or “Hunter Jones” or “Hunter Brown,” the Navy’s extraordinary dispensations would be all but unattainable. Oh, and if he had been “Hunter Palin,” The New York Times would be on its 50th front-page investigative report by now.
—Radix News

Biden’s children will live a life of money, power and privilege without any responsibility.

And our tax dollars will pay for it.

Evil or Very Mad


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Re: Beltway Nepotism, Corporate Cronyism and Corruption

Post  WHL on Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:44 am

Yes, we have heard very little about this. If it was a child of a Repub. we would hear about it all the time.

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