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The Road to World Government, World Police, World Tyranny

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The Road to World Government, World Police, World Tyranny Empty The Road to World Government, World Police, World Tyranny

Post  Anti Federalist Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:55 pm

The Road to World Government, World Police, World Tyranny

Michael S. Rozeff at 14:02 pm EDT on August 12, 2013


World government with teeth requires world police or forces. Whoever controls the world police controls the world government. Whoever controls the world government controls the world. Right now, several beginnings are UN forces and NATO forces. UN forces can be vetoed. NATO forces can’t be introduced everywhere. These blockages thwart them from becoming world police. However, NATO going in to Afghanistan was an extension to Central Asia. NATO has also extended its reach by partnering with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Here’s another incipient road to world police: the US Special Operations Command. At present, Special Forces and this command get a pass from the American public. They are regarded as the elite good guys. They actually are a huge danger to liberty. In fact, any American force that can thwart an insurrection or rebellion in the US, even the nationally-controlled militia, is a huge obstacle to liberty.

Admiral William McRaven, who heads USSOC, wants “to establish a formal framework in which U.S. special operations forces (SOF), interagency partners and foreign allies join an alliance that promotes the sharing of intelligence, partner engagement, training and, if necessary, direct action.” It would be called the Global SOF Network.

The myth he is building to justify a global police of this kind is that there are linkages among countries. Yes, there are, but that doesn’t justify world police, not when people everywhere would have NO CONTROL over it, not when we know that arbitrary use of power accompanies holding power. A MONOPOLY world police force is a recipe for world-wide tyranny. Lawmakers in Congress WILL NOT thwart this organization. They will approve it with purported measures to control it. But SUCH CONTROL NEVER HAPPENS. Congress doesn’t control the agencies it has created. It certainly didn’t control the NSA. It doesn’t control the FED.
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