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US Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $799K Gift Cards...

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US Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $799K Gift Cards... Empty US Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $799K Gift Cards...

Post  News Hawk Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:55 am

BLM Employees Charged Taxpayers $799K for 'Gift Cards'

(Or how Linda Lerner's IRS hard drives "went missing").

When investigators requested supporting documentation such as purchase orders, receipts, and authorizing signatures, BLM staff claimed that they were “missing,” according to the report.

The inspector general describes widespread misuse of government-issued charge cards at the agency, making the “purchase card program susceptible to fraud, waste, and abuse.”

In 2010, BLM conducted an agency-wide audit of the purchase card program. Auditors traced $70,000 of the undocumented purchases to the Idaho State Office, where one employee was found to have purchased personal items and gift cards totalling $41,276.33.
Just how "criminal" is this Obama Administration?


News Hawk
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US Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $799K Gift Cards... Empty Re: US Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $799K Gift Cards...

Post  WHL Sun Oct 05, 2014 11:28 am

It's ALL the agencies. It's pathetic how there is no control in the government and our tax money is blown in the wind.

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