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China Sends Peoples Liberation Army to Hong Kong...

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China Sends Peoples Liberation Army to Hong Kong... Empty China Sends Peoples Liberation Army to Hong Kong...

Post  News Hawk Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:15 pm

“Beijing is bulking up the military presence in Hong Kong,” a source on the ground told Radix News. “Under the cover of night, PLA troops are being sent over the border from the mainland. Why would they need an army in this peaceful place?”

The short answer is that Chinese Communist Party officials view debate and protest as challenges to their authority, and the kneejerk authoritarian response to a challenge is to put it down.

The threat of a harsher crackdown has been in the air since last month when security forces used tear gas and nightsticks to try to disperse the crowds. In an overt warning to discourage further resistance, Assistant Police Commissioner Cheung Tak-keung characterized these repressive tactics as “minimum force.”

This begs a few questions: What would be considered “medium force” by the security apparatus? With mainland troops deployed in Hong Kong, is maximum force an option?
Radix News

It was bound to happen...


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