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ISIS Threatens Invasion of Europe...

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ISIS Threatens Invasion of Europe... Empty ISIS Threatens Invasion of Europe...

Post  News Hawk Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:23 am

I don't know what's different, 10 million are already in Europe today. These will be disguised as "immigrants".

Rolling Eyes

ISIS Threatens Invasion of Europe... 259998C600000578-2950891-Operation_Mare_Nostrum_by_Italian_photographer_Massimo_Sestini_T-a-81_1423756267834
Daily Mail.

US Officials Admit Concern Over Syrian Refugee Effort

Top U.S. counterterrorism officials say they worry a potential terrorist could be hiding among refugees who are looking to come to the United States after escaping the brutal war in Syria.

“It’s clearly a population of concern,” the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Nicholas Rasmussen, told the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday.



New Hampshire's Mark Steyn:

“.....As it happens, being an old-school imperialist, I read a lot of history. No doubt I “could stand to read” more, as Fisher advises. Before the civil war, Beirut was known as “the Paris of the east”. Then things got worse. As worse and worser as they got, however, it was not in-your-face genocidal, with regular global broadcasts of mass beheadings and live immolations. In that sense, the salient difference between Lebanon then and ISIS now is the mainstreaming of depravity. Which is why the analogies don’t apply. We are moving into a world of horrors beyond analogy."
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