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Great Fire of Smyrna, 1922

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Great Fire of Smyrna, 1922 Empty Great Fire of Smyrna, 1922

Post  News Hawk Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:57 pm

There WAS a Greek-Turkish War? scratch

War came to a Greek city on mainland Turkey. Evil or Very Mad

Who do you think was responsible for "The Great Fire of Smyrna"?


Where did America get Dr. Jack Kevorkian?

It occurred four days after the Turkish forces regained control of the city on 9 September 1922, effectively ending the Greco-Turkish War in the field, more than three years after the Greek army had landed troops at Smyrna on 15 May 1919. Estimated Greek and Armenians deaths resulting from the fire range from 10,000[4][5] to 100,000.[6][7]

To me, anyway, in retrospect, the answer is easy...


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